The New Rescue Squad

Written by member: Patricia Parton 02/06/2009

Rescue is a task like no other,
it is simply because we want to help one another,
We do not get paid for being a volunteer,
but only go out because we all care.
God gives us the ability to learn and love,
when family members fear what is to come.
There are people that look up to us again and again,
but yet they never remember our names in the end.

A thank you to those who train us to do,
what we all need to carry through.
A thank you to God for what we can do,
to help the patient make it through.
According to God, we are all family,
He gives us the ability to save or set free.
As our loving, helping, caring hands,
that have a devotion that will always stand,
We all know that with God in our life,
we can make it through all pain, suffering, and strife.
He sometimes gives us the ability to love,
and sometimes we do see our patients on to heaven above.

God will reward us in the end
for the pain and suffering we all have seen.
God bless our loved ones who are on call,
because they are doing a service that will help us all.
We all are a special group that was chosen,
to be together and forever woven.
Into a group that works like a charm,
in hopes that the patient will never know harm.
The love and the caring that we all see,
are the people that we love because we are all family.

So now we come together, not as East and West,
but as one family, which is all for the best.
We communicate, share, and all really care,
with no tension, or disorder in the air.
We feel we have come together as one,
as God would see it for the best of everyone.
We will work together, day to day,
because God would want us to do it that way.

No more secrets, no more lies,
we have all come together to compromise.
With no more East and no more West,
we have come together to serve our county best.
All the best to Rescue, Fire & EMS,
as we work together under God, and to all God Bless!