Broken Promises

On May 15, 2008 the Haywood County Rescue Squad, in conjunction with the Clyde Volunteer Fire Department, Junaluska Volunteer Fire Department and Crabtree Volunteer Fire Department and various other county agencies coordinated a scenario based presentation for the students of Tuscola High School called Broken Promises.  This presentation, which was scheduled right before prom, emphasized the implications which people face when they make the poor decision to drive under the influence.  The presentation began with a slideshow presentation in the auditorium for all the students at Tuscola High School.  This presentation (as shown in the video below) shows photographs of vehicle accidents, the majority of which took place in Haywood County over the passed few years.  It also contains a recent study from Yale and Cornell University.

This video presentation was followed by a re-inactment of a 2 car motor vehicle accident.  One vehicle was an SUV with a family of 4 on board, including a 7 year old little girl.  The second vehicle involved had 4 teenaged victims returning from prom.  The re-enactment was ran as if it were a real traffic accident, and included fatalities and patients with critical injuries.  The students, faculty and staff of Tuscola High School acted as by-standers to the scene.  As the scenario unfolded the on-lookers were able to see exactly what happens on a real traffic accident, from patient extrication, to medical treatment, even flying a patient from the scene in Mission Hospital’s MAMA. 

Broken Promises, as it was named, is an on-going presentation which the public relations personnel from these various organizations will participate.  Broken Promises is available for a number of organizations from churches, youth groups and schools and can range from a short presentation to the full accident re-inactment.  For more information on Broken Promises, contact Cara Rogers, 1st Lieutenant, Haywood County Rescue Squad at